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BeCAT am Campus Virchow-Klinikum
Berlin Center for Advanced Therapies · © DGI Bauwerk / Visualisierung: IMAGINA | Visual Collaboration
Rethinking Health

We are rethinking health

Since its foundation, Charité has helped to shape modern healthcare in Germany and Europe. In order to further advance and shape the future of health, care and research as an international driving force, Charité has developed the future vision “Charité 2030 – Rethinking Health”. Charité Executive Board member Prof. Dr. Hayo Kroemer has formulated groundbreaking goals together with managers and employees in the strategy process – both in terms of content and structure.

Grafik über Wechselwirkungen von Heilen, Lehren und Forschen

Three foundations

The three foundations of the future vision “Charité 2030”:

  • Understanding people in all their dimensions
    Charité understands people as a whole – from genes to personal surroundings. Based on this extended understanding of health, Charité develops personalised approaches to therapy and healing.
  • Opening up border areas
    Breaking down barriers and creating new opportunities is an important part of the vision of the future. Whether between subjects and disciplines, different treatment options or between science and industry – the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the performance possible through partnership and digital approaches.
  • Acting on scientific grounds
    The aim is to promote and establish bold, innovative research approaches that are reproducible and are directly derived from clinical issues. Collaboration is also a key factor here: with research organisations as well as with start-ups.
The vision in figures
Campus renewal period
Estimated required investment
EUR 6.6 billion

Four profiles, one vision

To implement the strategy Charité 2030, Charité is developing an independent profile for each of its campuses. They overlap and thus create the basis for targeted medical and structural further developments. These excellent content development areas are intertwined with new architectural structures.

Campuses often need to be fundamentally reconceived in order to implement the medical priorities of the future. This includes state-of-the-art IT infrastructure as well as ecological sustainability. Charité has formulated clear objectives for this: 20 percent reduction in CO2 emissions by 2028 compared to 2018. This corresponds to more than 25 thousand tonnes of CO₂ per year. Process planning must map these goals and respond to structural changes and requirements in addition to sustainability issues such as green IT and mobility.

The predominantly historic building stock is often a particular challenge here. More than half of Charité buildings were built before the 1980s, or they were last refurbished a long time ago. The majority of buildings are also listed. 

Forward-looking renewal concepts are being developed for all patient ward campuses in order to incorporate the excellent content-related fields of development with new architectural structures. These structural visions for the future are developed in multi-stage, dialogue-guided processes. A vision is planned for the New Charité, with which the university hospital is setting an example for the challenges of the future.

Grafik Schrägaufsicht CCM
Land development at Campus Charité Mitte
Grafik Schrägaufsicht CVK
Land development at Campus Virchow-Klinikum
  • Heyo Kroemer

    We are rethinking health. Our integrated approach requires the right physical infrastructure.

    Prof. Dr. Heyo K. Kroemer, Chairman of the Board of Charité –Universitätsmedizin Berlin

For example, we are building Europe’s most modern heart center (DHZC), the pioneering research centers “The Simulated Human” (Si-M) and the “Berlin Center for Advanced Therapies” (BeCAT) at Campus Virchow-Klinikum, as well as the future translation center  (ATIZ) at Campus Charité Mitte, as important building blocks for the implementation of the strategic and structural visions of the New Charité.

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